Blossom Bus: Khushboo

Currently we are providing Blossom Bus to 270 girls including 20 in college. Many of these girls are the first to reach high school in their villages. The following is a story about Khushboo, who is on her chosen pathway to become a doctor.

Khushboo is in the ninth grade and has been traveling on Blossom Bus for the last four years. She started coming to Girls High School Aharwan from her village after passing fifth grade four years ago. She is the eldest of three, two sisters and a brother. Her mother told us that it was not possible for her to send her daughter to a school which was four kilometers away from the village as they had no income at that time. The father of Khushboo suffers from alcoholism and does not work. Her mother was able to get a job recently as a village health worker with a meager salary. Blossom Bus is really a blessing for the family as Khushboo was very keen to continue her studies and her mother was very worried about being able to provide.


Khushboo is a very confident and serious student who performs well in her studies. When asked what she wants to do when she is older, she replied without skipping a beat, “I will become a Doctor”. This is why she is so adamant about her education. She wants to become a doctor so that she can help her family in their fight with the poverty. Her teacher also appreciates Khushboo for her keen interest in the studies and requested Lotus Outreach to continue supporting the girls by providing transport.

The school has informed Lotus Outreach that the number of girls in this High School has increased from 180 in 2008 to 340 this year because of availability of Blossom Bus. Thank you to all of the donors who make education possible for these girls by supporting Blossom Bus, an education lasts forever!


Posted on March 7, 2016 .