Lotus Outreach is seeking corporate sponsors for our Blossom Bus program in Mewat, India. $1,800 provides daily transportation in one mini-bus for 12 girls for an entire school year. 


The Blossom Bus project employs local vehicles, with trustable drivers, in rural India to transport Muslim minority girls to secondary school and college, clearing the single greatest obstacle to their continuing education. The drivers have their own daughters traveling to school on the Blossom Bus!

Mewat, Haryana, is largely populated by the Muslim Meo tribe whose misfortunes clash sharply with more affluent surrounding areas. With a female literacy rate of only 2%, Mewat ranks among the most regressive districts in terms of girls' education in all of India. The scarcity of schools combined with conservative local attitudes toward female mobility has terrible consequences for an adolescent girl in Mewat: if there is no school in her village, she is forced to drop out.

The Blossom Bus project hires 1 large bus and 4 mini-buses that make multiple trips to transport daily 300 girls to school. An additional mini-bus transports 15 young women to college. The program demonstrates reliability to the parents, as well as sets an example of responsible governance for local authorities.

By supporting female education, the program mitigates gender imbalances by delaying marriage and childbirth, bolstering individual self-esteem and fostering a greater, more active role in society for women.


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