Our Cambodian and Indian staffs conduct extensive research and meet potential partners in the field. Fundamentally, partners are chosen based on the quality of our relationship with them, their professional reputation, credentials and proven effectiveness. 


 Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center

Cambodian Organization for Children and Development

 Kampuchean Action for Primary Education


Provides assistance to women and children who are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and trafficking.

Improves the social welfare of vulnerable children, their families and communities through the implementation of integrated development and empowerment projects.

Promotes the capacity, self-confidence and wellbeing of the Cambodian community through the sharing of information, education and counselling. 





Passerelles Numeriques




Garden Of Peace

Seeks to train disadvantaged youth to be both skilled technicians in the rapidly growing field of information technology and savvy professionals able to respond to the needs of thriving companies.

 Delivers Non-Formal Education to sex workers and to impoverished youth who are at risk of entering the commercial sex industry.

Humble, grassroots initiative that aims to build a peaceful, nonviolent and just world through the Lotus Tutors program, a secular initiative that draws its inspiration from Gandhian philosophy of Sarvodaya which recognizes that moral, cultural, social, economic and political dimensions are all necessary components of holistic development.

Guru Krupa Foundation 

gUru Krupa Foundation is a private foundation whose purpose is to fund charitable Causes. Currently, Guru Krupa supports our Blossom Bus and Buddha Smiles Programs. 



White Lotus Charitable Trust


White Lotus Trust is Lotus Outreach's sister organization in India. It works with socio-economically weaker sections of society with special emphasis on women and children—irrespective of caste, creed, culture and religion—toward the sustainable socio-economic development of individuals, the family and the community through various interventions to raise the standard and quality of their lives.