Lotus Outreach International has been a champion for women’s rights for over 20 years. We bring hopefulness and confidence to the mothers of former child laborers in India by providing their children with educational scholarships. We provide non-formal education and skills training to women in Cambodia so they can leave the sex trade. 

 We support young Cambodian women through college so they can lead careers of their choice and serve their communities at the height of their capability. We counsel, protect and provide reintegration support for women who are survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking.

We empower women in rural Cambodia to achieve their full potential as agricultural and business entrepreneurs. We entitle mothers in Mewat with making sure the Indian government upholds every child’s right to education.

We deliver safe, clean, potable water so mothers in Cambodia can rest assured their children won’t fall ill with waterborne diseases. We teach men and boys that women and girls are their vital counterparts.



The women we work with have all the potential and aptitude to take ownership of their lives, to be actors of change in their communities. All they need is a vote of confidence and support. 

Lotus Outreach is that support. 

We partner with these women for a better world. 

We are honored to collaborate with them.

In celebration of this International Women’s Day, join us in this partnership: make a donation to help Lotus Outreach continue implementing multiple programs that empower, protect and uplift women.



During the International Women's Day challenge, from February 8 to March 8, donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar! Thanks to a challenge gift from two of Lotus Outreach's board members, Jenny Chu and Ann Merlini, your donation will be double during this month. There are US$7,500 pledged in matching funds. 

Thanks to your generosity LO was able to secure the pledge from Jenny Chu and Ann Merlini!

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